Appeal an infringement

Last updated on 07 October 2021

Types of infringements

There are different types of infringements the City can impose including:
  • Community Safety infringements:
  • animal infringements
  • bushfire infringements
  • litter infringements
  • vehicle/off road infringements.
  • Health infringements:
  • environmental protection infringements
  • food infringements
  • asbestos infringements
  • tobacco infringements.
  • Compliance based infringements:
  • Canning Local Laws infringements
  • building infringements
  • planning infringements
  • swimming pool infringements
  • caravan infringements.


To appeal an infringement, please ensure you provide the following information:
  • infringement number
  • name and contact details of offender, including email address
  • reason/justification for withdrawal or request to have the matter heard in Court
  • residential address
  • attach supporting information (e.g. statutory declaration).

Vehicle/off road infringements

Please include the vehicle make and model details in your request.

Health and Compliance appeal timeframes

Appeals must be lodged within 28 days from the issue of the infringement notice.

Anonymous requests

Your contact details are required when lodging this appeal, this includes your email address and contact phone number.

Raise a request

  • To appeal an infringement, please select the correct option below.
  • You will be contacted once the review has been completed.