Illegal signs in public places
Illegal signs in public places

Illegal signs in public places

Illegal signs in public places

Report signs on verges or in public places
Last updated on: 25 March 2024


There are Local Laws for displaying signs on verges and in public places.

Election signs - City of Canning controlled road reserves

The City's Local Government Property and Public Places Local Law 2021 exempts election signs from requiring a permit where they are located on a thoroughfare and are:
  • erected or placed not more than 28 days before or more than 7 days after the election day.
  • no larger than 2m2 in area
  • located at least 30 metres from any intersection
  • free standing and not fixed to any sign, post, power/light pole (or similar structure), any natural feature - including a rock or tree, a bridge or structural approaches to a bridge
  • the sign is not located on or over a footpath
  • the sign is located more than 2 metres from a carriageway
  • the sign is not erected within 1.5 metres of any part of a crossover (portion of driveway in verge)
  • the sign is in any other location where, in the opinion of an authorised person, the sign is likely to obstruct lines of sight along a thoroughfare or cause danger to any person using the thoroughfare.
Signs should not be placed within City parks or other public places unless the land is a polling place. Please note that the placing of signs on Main Roads WA land (major highways and freeways) would be subject to their guidance.
  • To report illegal signs in public places, please click on the button below.
  • An Officer will take action as soon as possible.