Illegal parking
Illegal parking

Illegal parking

Illegal parking

Use the following information to assist with illegal parking notifications.
Last updated on: 02 May 2024

Urgent requests

  • If the vehicle is causing an obstruction, please report it by contacting the City on 1300 4 CANNING (1300 422 664). You can call this number 24-hours a day for urgent/high priority assistance.
  • This will allow an Officer to respond with the highest priority.

Examples of illegal parking

Some examples of illegal parking can include vehicles:
  • parked on or across the footpath, this includes where a footpath intersects or crosses a driveway
  • parking for longer than permitted
  • obstructing a driveway
  • parked in a hazardous or unsafe manner
  • parking in a no stopping or no parking area
  • parking in a no stopping or no parking area on road or verge.
The City also enforces illegal parking in Disability (ACROD) bays if no permit is displayed or the permit has expired.
Drivers must pay close attention to parking signage. Examples of signage used in the City of Canning includes:
No Parking - You must not stop in a No Parking Zone.
Parking Signs - Signs specify time limits.
No Stopping - You must not stop on a road with sign.
Bus Zone - You must not stop or park in a bus zone.

Parking Local Laws

The City of Canning Parking Local Law 2010 is available on the City of Canning's website.

Parking restrictions

  • Parking prohibitions or restrictions may be imposed where parking conflicts with vehicle or pedestrian movement.
  • Parking prohibitions may either prevent parking along a section of a street or restrict parking to certain time limits.

Abandoned vehicles

  • If the vehicle being reported appears to be abandoned, please proceed with an abandoned vehicle request.

Appeal a parking infringement

If you wish to appeal a parking infringement, please visit the Appeal a Parking Infringement page.

Raise a request

  • To report illegal parking or parking issues, please click on the button below.
  • An Officer will take action as soon as possible.