Line marking repairs

Last updated on 18 October 2021

Main Roads WA

The City will respond to line marking requests on all roads except the following, which are maintained by Main Roads WA:
  • Albany Highway
  • Roe Highway
  • Leach Highway
  • Orrong Road
  • South Street.


  • Line marking requests are assessed by the City and then referred to Main Roads WA for completion.
  • The Main Roads WA can take up to eight weeks to complete a request.

Canning's responsibilities

  • Assess line marking requests and submit to Main Roads WA for completion.
  • Line marking relating to parking bays, footpaths and line marking relating to other roadside infrastructure.

Main Roads WA's responsibilities

  • Approval and installation of line marking requests.
  • Maintenance/renewal of existing line marking within the roadway.
  • Accompanying regulatory signage (signs on yellow posts).

Raise a request

  • To request line marking repairs, please click on the button below.
  • An Officer will complete an inspection within five (5) working days. If line marking is required, then a request will be sent to Main Roads WA to complete. The outcome of this request may take eight (8) weeks.