Mattress collection
Mattress collection

Mattress collection

Last updated on 10 August 2023

Mattresses are no longer collected as part of your bulk verge collection

The City of Canning has introduced an on-demand mattress collection service for residents.

How often and how many collections?

  • All residential addresses are entitled to two (2) free collections of one (1) mattress per financial year.
  • The entitlement can be grouped together in one (1) collection if you have two (2) mattresses to dispose of.
  • Additional mattresses can be collected at an additional cost of $45 per mattress.

Items accepted

Mattresses of all sizes are accepted as part of the on-demand collection service.

Items not accepted

The following items are not accepted as part of the on-demand collection service:
  • bed frames (please place these in your bulk hard waste collection)
  • ensemble bases (please place these in your bulk hard waste collection)
  • water beds (please place these in your bulk hard waste collection).

Before placing items on the verge:

Please submit a request for an on-demand mattress collection (using the button at the bottom of this page) or call 1300 422 664. This allows you to select a date and time for your collection.

General conditions

  • Please place your mattress out on the verge, either the day before the collection (after 6pm) or on the day of the collection (before 6am).
  • You will receive a reminder to put your mattress out via a text message or email from the Waste Services team. 
  • If you have already used your allowance of mattress collections for the year, a member of the Waste Services will contact you to see if you wish to cancel the collection or pay a fee for collection.
  • If you need to cancel your collection, please call 1300 422 664 before your collection date.

Anonymous requests

Your contact details are required when lodging this issue to ensure a proper investigation can be completed.

Raise a request

  • To request an on-demand mattress collection, please click on the button below.