On-demand Bulk Household Waste Collection
On-demand Bulk Household Waste Collection

On-demand Bulk Household Waste Collection

Last updated on 20 November 2023
The City is introducing an on-demand skip service to replace traditional bulk household waste (junk) verge collections. Residents will be able to book two skip bin services each financial year at a time that suits them.

When will this change occur?

  • Traditional bulk household waste collections will continue in December 2023 as scheduled. As of 1 January 2024, the City will no longer be collecting bulk household waste via scheduled collections.
  • From 27 November 2023, residents can make a booking for an on-demand bulk household waste service (a skip bin) for a day that suits them
  • Green waste services will remain as a scheduled verge collection service. For more information visit the bulk green waste collection page.

How often and how many collections?

  • All residential addresses are entitled to two (2) free on-demand bulk household waste collections (skip bins) per financial year, starting from 27 November 2023.
  • Residents can request an on-demand bulk household waste collection at any time. The number of skips per day are limited so please make sure you book in advance to secure your preferred date.
  • Residents will also receive two (2) general waste passes to the Waste Transfer Station per financial year.

Does your verge have room for a skip bin?

Before you order your skip bin, please check your verge has enough room to fit a skip bin. Conditions:
  • Skip bins will only be placed on the verge belonging to the booked address.
  • Skip bins are 1.80 metres long and 1.65 metres wide and require sufficient room on the verge.
  • Bins cannot be placed on private property.
  • Driveway placements will only be considered for properties with insufficient verge space and if the resident completes a waiver.

Items accepted

The following items can be placed in skip bins:
  • furniture
  • timber
  • sports equipment
  • floor coverings
  • bulky general junk.

Items not accepted

The following items can not be placed in skip bins:

How long will the skip bin stay on my verge?

Your skip will generally stay on your verge for two evening and one full day. See the table below for delivery / collection schedules:
Delivery Day
Collection Day

Frequently asked questions

Raise a request

To request an on-demand bulk household (junk) waste service from 27 November 2023, please book using the online booking portal (TBC LINK) or contact Veolia on 1800 841 066 from 7am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.