Traffic Management Plans

Last updated on 19 October 2021

Can I lodge a Traffic Management Plan?

To lodge a Traffic Management Plan (TMP), you would have previously received instructions from the City. If you have not received instructions, please see below for a full guide on how to lodge a Traffic Management Plan.

Click here to view the lodgement process

Summary of instructions

  • TMP's should be submitted a minimum of ten (10) business days prior to proposed implementation to allow for the City's review period.
  • Primary work address - for TMP's with a single worksite location, type in the location of the nearest property and select the appropriate location. Add a marker for the primary location.
  • Multiple Llocations - after completing the primary location (as per the above), use the 'Additional Location Details' section to record additional locations. This is a free text field. 
  • Provide proposed dates and a summary of works.
  • Attach the TMP and any other relevant documentation then submit your request.

Anonymous requests

Your contact details are required when lodging this request.

Raise a request

  • To submit your Traffic Management Plan, please click on the link below. 
  • Your request will be reviewed and you will be advised of the outcome via email.