Verge mowing
Verge mowing

Verge mowing

Verge mowing

Request verge mowing and/or to go on the unkempt verge program.
Last updated on: 24 August 2023
The verge is the area of land between the property boundary and the road kerb. It belongs to State Government and is vested in the Local Authority for management. Its purpose is for the location of utilities such electricity, gas, water and telephone as well as for pedestrian access and cultivating street trees. The City undertakes verge mowing of its arterial managed roads four times per year and residential unkempt verges up to three times per year. Mowing is generally completed during the cooler months leading up to summer when grass and weeds are actively growing, however this may change depending on seasonal weather.

Urgent requests

  • The City focuses on verge mowing between June and December when grass and weeds are actively growing. If you notice a verge which is a sight-line hazard for motorists or pedestrians, please let us know by contacting the City on 1300 4 CANNING (1300 422 664) and an Officer will respond with the highest priority.

Unkempt verge mowing request

  • As with most local government authorities, it is generally expected that the owner of the adjacent property will maintain and manage the verge area.
  • An unkempt verge is a verge that the adjoining resident or property owner does not mow themselves, allowing long grass and weeds to grow.
  • The City undertakes periodic mowing of unkempt verges to maintain sight-line clearance and for fire hazard reduction.
Please note: This is not a lawn maintenance service but is undertaken to provide clear sight-lines for traffic and pedestrians and fire hazard reduction.

Requests to be added to the unkempt verge mowing program

The City will provide an unkempt mowing service to residents under the following criteria:
  • Verges must not be irrigated. Residents will not be eligible if their verge contains irrigation (working or not). This is for safety reasons as sprinklers may be hit by mower blades causing damage to mowers, sprinklers or become projectiles which could cause injury
  • Verges must not contain any gravel, rocks, or debris as these may also become projectiles with potential to cause harm
  • Verges must be level and free from holes or heaps of soil or debris
  • Requests to be included in the unkempt mowing program will only be accepted if verges are either adjacent to the property the requestor is residing in or adjacent to the property the requestor owns.
  • The unkempt verge mowing service is completed over 12 months from July to June. To continue to receive the service, residents must re-apply each year.
  • Requests received by end of June will receive up to three services per annum.
  • Requests received by the end of August will receive up to two services.
  • Requests received after August may only receive a single service.
  • Mowing is generally completed in August, October and depending on weather conditions November to December.

Anonymous requests

This type of request cannot be anonymous. You must provide your name and contact details for the unkempt mowing service.

Raise a request

  • To report a fire or verge risk, or request to be added to the unkempt verge mowing program, please click on the appropriate button below.