Verge landscaping
Verge landscaping

Verge landscaping

Last updated on 18 July 2023

Verge landscaping

  • The City encourages residents to undertake landscaping and maintenance of the verge area adjacent to their property.
  • Preference will be given to the use of waterwise local plant species.

Important information

  • Verge treatments must comply with the City's Policy ET529 Streetscape Management Verge Landscape Treatments.
  • The City does not approve the following on City verges:
  • the installation of artificial grass
  • hard/fixed items such as statues or bird baths
  • the usage of inorganic mulches including crushed brick, gravel or blue metal
  • paving covering more than 33% of verge (existing footpaths and crossovers are counted towards the 33%).

Can I landscape the verge?

  • Requests to landscape verges require a Verge Landscape Treatment application form to be completed.
  • The application needs to include information on what the property owner intends to do, as well as a sketched plan of the design.
  • The plan needs to show the dimensions of the verge, the location of verge street trees, the location of proposed paving, the approximate position and names of existing and proposed plants.
  • The plan will be assessed and an Officer may need to discuss the details with you.
  • Written approval is required from the City prior to commencing works.
  • Provided the City's Verge Landscape Treatments policy has been observed, you do not need permission for:
  • lawn
  • in-ground reticulation
  • organic mulch.

Damage to public utilities

Please dial 1100 before you dig and check the location of any underground services such as gas, water and telecommunications. If you damage any public utilities during your landscaping without checking first, you may be liable for the cost of repairs.

Works by public utility providers

  • If the City or utility service providers of gas, electricity or telecommunications conduct authorised work within the street verge, they are required to level the site and remove left-over material. They are not liable to provide compensation for any damage caused to verge landscaping or paving.
  • If the City requires the removal of irrigation piping from under a verge lawn or garden, the owner or occupier shall be asked to remove it.
  • If the owner or occupier does not comply with the City's request within the specified period, the pipe work shall be removed by the City.

Anonymous requests

This type of request cannot be anonymous.

Raise a request

  • To request approval to landscape a City verge, please click on the button below.
  • Please attach the Verge Landscape Treatments application with the request. 
  • An Officer will investigate within three (3) working days