Verge maintenance
Verge maintenance

Verge maintenance

Verge maintenance

Report verge maintenance issues after the City has completed notified works.
Last updated on: 06 January 2023

Urgent requests

  • If you observe a hazard or an obstruction on a City verge, please report it to the City by calling 1300 4 CANNING (1300 422 664). You can call this number 24-hours a day for urgent/high priority assistance.
  • This will allow an Officer to respond with the highest priority.

Canning's responsibility

  • The City provides written notification to residents of upcoming works which may impact the verge area adjacent to their homes. This includes the level of rectification that will be undertaken once the work is complete.
  • If you have any concerns with the work, please respond to the contact point nominated in the letter or report the issue below.
  • Please note - if you did not receive a letter from the City of Canning, the work most likely was completed by another provider, who are responsible for rectification works.

Main Roads WA

The City will respond to maintenance requests on all roads within City of Canning boundaries except the following, which are maintained by Main Roads WA:
  • Roe Highway

Verge mowing

If you would like to have your verge mowed, please refer to Verge Mowing

Raise a request

  • To report a verge issue, please click on the button below.
  • An Officer will investigate within five (5) working days.
  • If your request relates to verge mowing, please click here for more information.